Q-How can I subscribe?

A-By entering some data and clicking membership button. Membership is free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Q-Is my personal information used elsewhere?

A-No. www.parts-bazaar.com undertakes not to provide any of the data to third parties related to members and visitors.

Q-Is shopping secure on your site?

A-Our website has an SSL security certificate and completely secure.

Q-How is credit card security provided?

A-With 256-bit SSL encryption technology, the data is encrypted and transmitted to your bank, accessing of third parties is prevented. No other institution / organization or third party can access your information.

On the other hand, 3D Secure (encrypted confirmation) system is used for credit card security. 3D Secure is a secure online payment service available for Visa and MasterCard cards. The authentication procedure is simple and involves 3 steps.

- Place your part order and enter credit card information

- If the security system is activated for your card, a 3D Secure window will open. Your bank will ask you to verify your identity by entering an authentication code. In most cases, this is a single-use security code that is sent to you by SMS on your mobile phone.

- Once you enter the correct security code and your payment is accepted, your booking is confirmed.

Q-Can we get information related to ordering process?

A-You can buy online parts in 2 ways. Placing your order directly from web site and selecting & ordering parts from the lists. Please check all details clicking here concerning ordering and shipping issues.

Q-Do you deliver to my country?

A-We deliver everywhere where UPS can deliver. No matter if its the US, Asia, Africa, EU or Australia. If you have UPS in your country, we can ship to your adress directly. Please check all details clicking here concerning ordering and shipping issues.

Q- Will I pay any duty for the product I purchased?

A-Products are delivered from Turkey warehouse and Customs Union agreement provides free customs tax for EU customers. Meanwhile, if any duty arises at customer customs, customers sould pay their local duties if occur any. Extra charges collection (if any) will be organized by our shipping company before delivery. Please check all details clicking here concerning ordering and shipping issues.

Q- Will I pay the shipping fee for my orders?

A-No. You do not pay any shipping fees. All is included in part order payment for all customers.

Q-How can I pay for the order?

A-You can use credit card or wire transfer / eft methods for shopping on our site.

Q-Can we get more detailed information about ordering, payment and shipping processes?

A-Please review the entire process in detail by clicking here

Q-Can I return the products I purchased?

A-Regardless of the reason, if you do not use the products you purchased from our site you can return it within 14 days after receiving. Please check return policy page

Q-Can we get information about wholesale spare parts purchase?

A-This site displays limited number of products sold through online. Besides, we have a wide range spares which you can check at our export page for our wholesale export parts business


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