Our parts export business is conducted by two companies as Parts Bazaar FZE located in Dubai Jebel Ali Free Zone and MOR Group Automotive located in Istanbul Turkey.

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Below FAQ area is related to only wholesale export parts business. If you are genuine parts importer or interested in purchasing high quality original spare parts with low cost, you can check following FAQ area or contact us to start cooperation concerning wholesale parts business.

Q. What are your spare parts used for?

A. Our parts are automotive spare parts.

Q. Are all your parts genuine?

A. Yes. We only supply genuine parts or OEM original parts and we do not supply any unlicensed replacement parts.

Q. Which brands do you focus on concerning wholesale automotive spare parts export?

A. We mainly supply spare parts of Hyundai, Kia, Honda, Toyota and Mitsubishi. Please check details and part lists here

Q. Do you supply only specific parts? Mechanical parts, body parts, etc?

A. No. We supply all kinds of genuine spare parts, mechanical, body, electric parts and others for our original automotive parts export business.

Q. What type of regional specification do your parts have?


A. We are able to offer different specification parts which suit to your territory according to your demand.                   

Q. What can you say about your price level?

A. We have different main supply channels in different locations & countries. We select best prices for each item and reflect the minimum possible price to our customers. Therefore, our worldwide competitive prices are highly suitable for importers and wholesalers.

Q. Where is your exworks delivery location?

A. We mainly use Dubai Jebel Ali warehouse and Jebel Ali port to deliver our parts for international transportation via our Parts Bazaar FZE company

Q. Where is your Dubai export company located?

A. Parts Bazaar FZE- Business Centre World, Jafza One,11th floor, Jeel Ali Free Zone, Dubai- UAE. Registration no: 227954, License no: 187992

Q. Who are your target customers?

A. Our target customers are local importers, wholesalers, dealers, insurance part suppliers and traders in your country. 

Q. Where do you export your parts?

A. We currently export to many countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America

Q. Do you have high stock?

A. No. We do not keep high stock in order to minimize our cost factors. Because we work with the concept of cost optimization and low price for our customers. Meanwhile, if your demand is not in stock, we are able to supply the genuine parts from our wide international network adequately.

Q. Do you sell to end-users?

A. We are wholesalers and cannot accept individual orders from end users except our e-commerce web site.

Q. How can we get a price quotation from your Company?


A. You can check parts by review our part files here or create your own part list to receive the quotation for related brands. Send your part numbers to us by price request form or e-mail to be quoted.

Q. Do we have to declare part numbers while asking quotation or order?

A. Yes. Part numbers are essential for correct pricing and supplying them precisely.

Q. How will be the procedure after we have agreed on your price quotation?

A. We will forward you proforma invoice with the clarification of all details including logistic, delivery, payments, etc. Supply period will go ahead after mutual agreement on the proforma invoice.

Q. How is ordering procedure briefly?

A.  Simple steps to proceed order; Transmit order list with part numbers, receive price, discuss on business terms, receive the proforma invoice, confirm the final status and wait for our updates on order delivery steps until receive them.

Q. Do you have MOQ (minimum order quantity) or MOV (minimum order volume)?

A. Yes. We do not consider MOQ, but MOV should be considered. You can estimate the minimum order as an 20ft container. Apart from this general rule, some parts may accept lower order or may need larger volume order based on the brand and order content.   

Q. What is the delivery time?

A. Our delivery time depends on the parts you have ordered. It will be indicated during pricing and proforma invoice. It can be some weeks, sometimes more, depending on the brand and content of the order.

Q. Do we need to pay in advance for our order?

A. Yes. We ask pre-payment from our customers during order confirmation. Please ask for other delivery types, L/C or others if you intend to follow a different method.

Q. What is your pricing term?

A. Our unit prices are ex-works prices at our warehouse. On the other hand, we are able to conduct all logistic activities for our customers with minimum possible cost (including packaging, loading and international transportation). Meanwhile, our customers can handle & manage logistic operations completely or partially on their own if they wish. That means, we can export your order as ex-works, FOB, CIF, etc. based on your request

Q. Do you always deliver orders from your warehouse?

A. We determine delivery points according to order content and volume. Point of origin may be our warehouse or another location.

Q. How do you package of delivery parts?

A. We generally prepare pallets to carry parts. Pallets are unstackable type but we may arrange also stackable pallets based on customer transportation plan and request.

Q. What kind of service can you provide for parts logistic chain from your warehouse to ours?

A. Our prices are commonly given as ex-works. But our service lasts until the end of the whole logistic process when customers ask so.

Q. How can we follow our order status after we have confirmed the order?

A. We will update you frequently for your order status from order confirmation until receiving ordered items safely.

Q. What about backorder situation? Can we cancel backorder items?

A. We always try to keep back order quantities as a minimum. In case, some back orders arise for your ordered items, we supply them afterwards when available. If you like to cancel some of the ordered items since they are not available at back-order status, you should notify us before order confirmation. 

Q. Can we be a dealer or representative of your Company?

A. We are flexible and open for serious cooperations. Please write at [email protected]

Q. Who can we contact if we’ve got a question about spare parts and related issues?

A. If you have other questions or need detailed explanation please contact us at [email protected] or use WhatsApp +905333070796 for writing communication



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